THE RAMAYANA: A Guidebook for Spiritual Development

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THE RAMAYANA: A Guidebook for Spiritual Development

Enlivening the Living Presence of Ram in our Hearts

The Ramayana is known as an epic story of profound richness and power, comparable to the Bible, Star Wars, and Romeo & Juliet all rolled into one. Ceaselessly growing and spreading from its ancient roots going back millenia, the Ramayana is still revered today by over a billion people worldwide as the most sacred of stories. But those who explore its depths know the Ramayana is more than just an ancient epic.  The Ramayana is a direct pathway for unfolding Totality–Wholeness of Life–in our awareness.  The central characters of the Ramayana–Ram, Sita and Hanuman–resonate deeply inside of us, and when we approach our study with sincerity, they have the potential to come alive in our awareness, purifying our hearts and mind and inspiring us all to live at the most profound level of life.

Our intention for this course —  to enliven the living presence of Ram in our hearts.

This 6-session course includes special guest teachers and features some of the all-stars from the kirtan world, including Krishna Das, Nina Rao, Radha & Govinda, and Sai Ganesh Nagpal.


I promise you this is no lightweight fairytale.  Get ready for a great adventure…you will enter into an extraordinary and sacred mythic realm.    I promise your life will be enriched and transformed forever.Michael Sternfeld


Note:  This course was created in collaboration with the NKB Ashram of Taos, New Mexico as an online course in Winter 2021.  20% of the proceeds from this course will benefit the NKB Ashram.

About Michael Sternfeld

Art and transformation inspired from the depths of consciousness has been Michael’s life-long passion.    He began his performing career as a professional dancer with modern companies in Chicago and New York, and then continued as a producer/director with over 400 productions in theater, music, dance, audio and video to his credit, including a stint as a producer for the David Lynch Foundation.

While earning his Master’s degree in Vedic Science, he became fascinated with the Ramayana, and he went on to create numerous productions of the great epic over 30 years, including the first complete audio production of the unabridged Ramayana of Valmiki, which stands as the world’s longest audiobook.  Exploring the relationship between consciousness and the human body, Michael also trained in various body-mind modalities, developing his signature approach to Body-Centered Therapy called Body Presence, an embodied foundation for integrating spirit, emotions and body.

Currently, it is Michael’s joy to make ancient texts like the Ramayana more accessible to Westerners. In addition to his productions, he lectures and teaches courses far and wide on the Ramayana.  He also founded Vedic Audio Knowledge (VAK) to bring out more enlightened audio productions, including a production of stories from the Upanishads and a collaboration with Krishna Das called Hanuman’s Leap of Faith.

Michael has been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) regularly for over 40 years and currently lives in Fairfield, Iowa.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Aligning Our Integrity & Core Values
  • Deepening Our Mission & Service
  • Embodying Our Divine Presence
  • Becoming a Force of Nature

Course Content

The Ramayana: A Guidebook for Spiritual Development – Session 1

  • The Ramayana: A Guidebook for Spiritual Development – Session 1

Session 2 – The Ramayana: A Guidebook to Spiritual Development

Session 3 – The Ramayana – A Guidebook to Spiritual Development

Session 4 – The Ramayana: A Guidebook to Spiritual Development

Session 5 – The Ramayana: A Guidebook to Spiritual Development UPDATED

Session 6 – The Ramayana: A Guidebook for Spiritual Development

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