The Bhakti Heart Of The Hawaiian Nation State

Luvin Arms is a 501(c)3 nonprofit animal sanctuary for abused or neglected farmed animals in Erie, Colorado.

Philip Wollen: 10am PST Sunday October 25,

Ahimsa: Creating compassionate Change

Erica Sodos: Sunday 10am Pst November 1
The Magic Within Us: Enchanting Mysteries Inspired By Animals And Our Power To Change The World

John Oberg: Sunday November 7th Pst
Utilizing Social Media For Effective Animal Advocacy

Susan Rosenzweig: 10am PST Sunday November 14th
Discussion about the film “Baby Hers” s short film

Sayyid B Duja: 10am Pst Sunday November 21st
Better People For A Better World: Luvin Arms And The Springs Continental School

Kevin Wenzer: 10am Sunday November 28th
Choose To Love Choose Compassion!

Marlon Reis: 10am pst December 5th
Interconnectedness: Creating Systemic Changes Forsystemic Changes For Animals